2016 Chevrolet Volt to be 12 percent more efficient than outgoing model

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The most important aspect of Chevrolet’s next-generation Volt will be its overall efficiency and range. General Motors North America Vice President, Mark Reuss, has already proclaimed the new extended-range EV will have improved fuel economy and efficiency, and a new report from Hybrid Cars supports this little piece of info.

A filing with SAE International indicates the next-generation Volt and its new Voltec powertrain will have a 12 percent boost in overall range. That would take the combined gas and electric range from around 380 miles to 425 miles. There’s no word on how much all-electric range is improved by, however GM executive director, transmission and electrification, Larry Nitz, said that was one of the main aspects of the car consumers wanted improved.

“Greater range (particularly in EV mode), fuel efficiency, and power were the top three requests from owners of 2011-2013 Volt models” Nitz said.

The SAE report says the 2016 Volt will also benefit from a 12 percent boost in energy efficiency, not just in overall range. It’s still unclear if this means a 12 percent jump in combined fuel economy for the new model (which would take it from 37 to 41.1 mpg) or a 12 percent jump in EV only mode, which would give the new car over 43 miles of electric range, Hybrid Cars says.

One thing is certain, when Chevrolet pulls the wraps all the way off the 2016 Volt in Detroit in January, it will be lighter, quieter, more refined and more efficient than the current car, the only question is by how much? We’ll have all the details in January, so stay tuned.

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