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Cruze I Spark plug replacement

Forum Cruze Cruze I Spark plug replacement

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2017-04-04 17:26:46

Chevy Cruze Spark Plug Replacement TUTORIAL  |  More info

In this video I show you how to correctly replace your spark plugs in a Chevy Cruze LTZ 2012 (Same model for 2011-2015).

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Don't forget to let your engine cool, use appropriate grease, and DON'T over tighten.

The OEM spark plugs installed in the 1.4LT engine are manufactured by NGK and packaged as ACDelco. To date, there have been three different ACDelco part numbers listed in the Cruze Owners Manuals:

  • 2011 - ACDelco 41-117
  • 2012 - ACDelco 41-120 (IFR6Z7G), 41-121
  • 2013 - ACDelco 41-121

The 41-117 and 41-120 spark plugs are discontinued and only the 41-121 spark plug is now available. The NGK item number for the ACDelco 41-121 spark plug is NGK-91039 and its NGK descriptive SKU number is IFR7X7G, which translates (decodes) as:

I = Plug Type: Iridium Platinum

F = Metal Shell Size/Seat: ø 14, 19mm (3/4") Reach, 16mm (5/8") Hex; Gasket Seat

R = Construction: Resistor, ceramic 5kΩ resistance.

7 = Heat Rating Number: 2(hot).

X = Firing End Construction: Tapered Ground Electrode

7 = Gap Width: 0.7mm (0.028")


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